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“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets.” — Beethoven

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Would you rather have an easy life or have the strength to endure a difficult one?

In an ideal world, wouldn’t we all go for the former? After all, a life full of happiness is the one that’s devoid of any pain or misery. Put simply, an easy life=happiness.

However, rarely do we get to decide what the next chapter of life beholds. We only get to choose how we improvise, adapt, and overcome all the odds life has stacked against us. And that’s where Bruce Lee’s divine insight comes into the picture:

“Do not pray for an easy life…

It’s never as perfect as it seems

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I had this growing urge to leave everything behind me and start afresh.

When this urge turned into an insatiable itch, I took the leap. I turned down my college’s placement assistance. I made a new CV. I relentlessly started applying for writing jobs I was underqualified for.

With my CV still brimming with subpar Engineering grades and pointless marketing internships, my attempts to start a new life were futile.

After running around like a headless chicken and applying for almost 100 jobs on LinkedIn, I finally got a few calls from companies seeking freshers. …

If done right, editing can take your content from drab to fab

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“It’s time to go to war with yourself.” — David Goggins

If writing is therapy, editing is war. It’s a war against your preconceived brainchildren. Editing and writing, although woven from the same fabric, are different sides of a coin. Perfectly yin and yang.

Great writing is an outcome of deliberately working on three areas:

  • The present by anchoring a fixed purpose through writing.
  • The past by giving up on old notions through relentless editing.
  • The future by adopting new ideas, beliefs, and aspirations.

The first one comes easy. What we often forget is that a new level of performance…

Why I avoid reading writing advice, even if it’s from Hemingway or Tolstoy?

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When I first started my writing journey, I believed there was a secret sauce to succeed or go viral. I looked for writing advice in every nook and cranny.

Some writers suggested that I should burn the night oil and embrace the tranquility of the night — only then can I be a true writer. Others claimed that the best ideas came early in the morning, during cold showers.

Then there were writers who said, “Write every day.” While others advised prioritizing quality over quantity.

From my advice-seeking endeavors, I learned only one thing:

Every piece of writing advice contradicts…

Learn to pitch your ideas the right way to make your readers stay

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Believe it or not, even some of the greatest writers struggle with introductions. As simple as they may seem, most writers often blank out and run out of ideas while writing them.

I solemnly believe that introductions are strange — they’re Catch-22. You give out too much in your intro and your readers don’t feel the need to read anything that follows. You give out too less and the readers are compelled to leave.

So where exactly is the sweet spot?

Create curiosity by asking a compelling question

#5 You try too hard to be original.

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In the most viewed Ted talk of all time, Do Schools Kill Your Creativity, Sir Ken Robinson cites several examples and scenarios which suggest that there’s something seriously wrong with the education system.

“If you sit kids down day after day indoors at desks, doing what often amounts to low-grade clerical work, then don’t be surprised if they fidget, don’t achieve a great deal and don’t feel very good about themselves,” he quotes.

His insights got me thinking:

Is it just the education system that prohibits us from reaching our creative potential? …

There’s no one way to live your life.

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Isn’t it amazing how there’s no one way to live your life?

You can practice positive affirmations, hoping that they’ll manifest in the real world and lead you to your pot of gold. Or, you can live the rest of your life preparing for the absolute worst.

It’s these contradicting beliefs that divide the “self-help community” into two halves:

  • Some are deadset on Napoleon Hill’s philosophies, believing that “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
  • Then, there are others who are powered by Marcus Aurelius’ stoic convictions surrounding the unpredictability of life. “You have power…

5 crucial reminders to avoid feeling burnt out.

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I won’t lie. I worked myself to the bone. At times, skipping meals and sleep along the way.

But I couldn’t help it. After landing my dream job, I was determined to make something out of the opportunity. So I worked day-in and day-out, ignoring my mental and physical wellbeing.

Little did I realize that it would later take a heavy toll on me.

In some ways, I did reap the benefits of my hustle. However, these benefits, too, came with a hefty price tag. Often, I found myself juggling with more work than I could handle.

Only after sticking…

A non-exhaustive list of hindrances that are holding you back from living your best life.

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Let’s face it. Life is hard. Death comes quick. In a heartbeat. Without being picky. But it isn’t death that we truly fear. Rather, we fear living a life that is full of unfulfilled desires and endless tragedies.

To ensure that the fear of regret never comes back to haunt us in our death beds, we delve into inexplicable behaviors, rules made by others, disillusioned decisions, and frustrating life choices. In turn, we waste time.

Regret isn’t necessarily bad, though.

It just reminds you that you’re smack dab in the middle of life’s crossroads. It is, however, a double-edged sword…

In times of uncertainty, reassurance is a drug.

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“Oh no,” the two words choked out of my throat when I noticed a red gash on my right leg.

“Oh no,” I said when my adrenaline from the bike accident started fading and the pain kicked in.

“Oh no,” were my last two words before a sense of extreme paranoia dawned upon me.

I could feel. I could feel the pain so much that it made me question the very existence of God, love, or any other force of nature that can make one feel things one has never felt before.

As any wise man would, I decided to…

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