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“The meaning of life is that it stops.”― Franz Kafka

Life and death. Oil painting. Image Credits: See page for author, CC BY 4.0, via…

A Dog’s Purpose

My best bud, Bella, was a cheerful labrador who loved car rides more than food. And man, she loved food. Every time the doors of my car clicked open, her ears twitched in tandem, as she zoomed out of the house to sit on the passenger seat. While we drove…

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets.” — Beethoven

Joseph Karl Stieler, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Would you rather have an easy life or have the strength to endure a difficult one?

In an ideal world, wouldn’t we all go for the former? After all, a life full of happiness is the one that’s devoid of any pain or misery. Put simply, an easy life=happiness.


And change your perception by changing your thoughts.

Clicked by the author.

Loud crackling gunshots from the sky. Pitter-patter from the roof drain. And the warm aroma of fresh-brewed soil. It rains and two distinct memories come flooding in:

  1. One is of being a carefree child who loved playing soccer in the rain. The sudden downpour, back then, was always a blessing…

There’s no one way to live your 20s.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

My 20s were marred with irreversible mistakes, unforgivable failures, and unnecessary pursuits.

But among all the blunders I made, the biggest ones were my career choices. Having no ambitions or big dreams after school, I followed the pre-ordained path of pursuing engineering. Following which, still on the same downtrodden path…

It’s about time we redefine “balance.”

Credits: DZjoker Chemseddine Lamrani, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons; Modified by author.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Work-Life Balance

If personified, work-life balance would be the perfect embodiment of Superman. Always lurking around in the corporate space with its unconvincing disguise. Struggling to fit in as Clark Kent.

But when out in the real world, it flies around as a myth, often mistaken to be a bird, a plane…

Dhruv Sharma

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